Private Investments (PI) is responsible for all of CPPIB’s private investments globally, excluding real estate. By investing in private equity, infrastructure and private debt, PI seeks opportunities that will outperform comparable passive public alternatives.




Historically focused on making private equity investments through external fund managers, Private Investments (PI) today invests in private equity both through external funds and as a principal investor. We also have extensive capabilities as a global investor in infrastructure.

With these markets often comparable in size to their public equivalents, private investments have grown to become a sizable part of the CPPIB portfolio.  


As at March 31, 3012 - Make the Private Investment item stand out.

These diversified, global investments are well-suited to patient, expert investors who have the capability to invest in less liquid, longer-term assets. PI pursues strategic opportunities through both direct investments and partnerships with leading fund managers.

The PI department is comprised of four groups: Portfolio Value Creation, Funds, Secondaries & Co-investments, Infrastructure, and Principal Investments.

As a global investment organization, we invest in public equities, real estate, and private equities in countries around the world. Here you can read about our holdings across these categories.