Private Investments (PI) is responsible for all of CPPIB’s private investments globally, excluding real assets. By investing in private equity and private debt, PI seeks opportunities that will outperform comparable passive public alternatives.




Private Investments (PI) invests in a wide range of private equity and credit assets.  The markets for these private assets are in some cases comparable in size to their public equivalents, and they are well-suited for patient, knowledgeable investors.  We seek to harvest the return premiums for investing in less liquid and longer-term assets, and for meeting particular financing needs of the entities to which we provide capital. Further, with expert partners, we can generate skill-based returns in a wide variety of ways:

> At the decision to invest, through access to the best opportunities, superior information, unique insights, and expert structuring and financing of transactions;
> During the holding period, through careful stewardship, enhanced governance, and improvement in assets, operations and profitability; and
> Upon exit, through selection of the optimal means and timing with conclusion on favourable terms.  

As at March 31, 3012 - Make the Private Investment item stand out.

The PI department is comprised of four groups: Portfolio Value Creation, Direct Private Equity, Natural Resources and Principal Credit Investments.

As a global investment organization, we invest in public equities, real assets and private equities in countries around the world. Here you can read about our holdings across these categories.